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Préparation de l'homme à voler un avion

Make your life a dream and a dream come true ...

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Learn to fly,

an accessible dream.


Training available from 17 years old



Light aircraft pilot license






This training allows you to navigate in Europe with a maximum of 3 passengers.

Private pilot training (LAPL) breaks down as follows:

- at least 30 hours of instructional flight, including 15 hours of dual command flight instruction


- 5 hours of supervised solo flight, including a minimum of 3 hours of solo field flight with at least 1 field flight of a minimum of 150 km (80 NM), during which 1 full stop landing will be made at an aerodrome other than the departure aerodrome.


- The carriage of passengers may be authorized by the instructor after an additional 10 hours of flight.


Training available from 17 years old



Private pilot license





This training allows you to navigate in France and abroad with a maximum of 3 passengers.

Private pilot training (PPL) breaks down as follows:

- 45 hours of flight, including at least 25 hours in dual control and at least 10 hours of solo flight supervised by his instructor, including at least 5 hours of solo flight in the countryside and at least one solo flight comprising a navigation of at least 150 nautical miles (280 km) with 2 intermediate complete landings.

- The training includes an initiation to blind flight (making a 180 ° turn). Of the 45 hours of flight required, 5 hours can be done with an instructor on a flight trainer or approved simulator.







The practice of ULM requires obtaining the pilot's license through a theoretical part and a practice.

  • Pilotage is authorized from the age of 15

  • The theoretical test consists of a multiple choice questionnaire of 40 questions (10 mistakes are allowed) to be carried out in 1h30. The subjects covered are weather, flight mechanics, air traffic rules, pure mechanics

During his training, the student performs his first flight alone without an instructor (Lâché). He will be released several times before obtaining his certificate which will be issued to him by the instructor.

. A medical examination by a general practitioner will be requested authorizing the practice of air sport, at the first registration with the FFPLUM.

. The flight log is not compulsory.

. Special qualification required for carrying a passenger and French-language radiotelephony

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

(The training requires about 30 hours of flight)


Les Tarifs de l'instruction




     76 Euros/heure + 32 Euros/heure (instruction) soit 108 Euros/heure



     Cessna 172


     140 Euros + 32 Euros/heure (instruction) soit 172 Euros/heure



     110 Euros/heure + 32 Euros/heure (instruction) soit 142 Euros/heure

Le nombre d'heures d'apprentissage est lié à l'évolution de chacun des élèves, il ne nous est donc pas possible de déterminer un nombre d'heures de formation pour l'obtention du brevet, et ce quelque soit le type de brevet (LAPL, PPL ou ULM). Pour plus d'information, ne pas hésiter à prendre contact avec nous.  

Our pilot instructors


Philippe Vriet-Labrouche

With his experience with airplane, helicopter and microlight pilot, Philippe is also a pendulum ultralight and multi-axis microlight instructor, always available to welcome you and provide his aeronautical and technical knowledge.


Robin bogaerts

Passionate about aviation, Robin has been an ULM pilot since 2015 and an ULM instructor since 2018. He will be happy to share his experiences and help you to discover the region from the sky. And if you feel like going further as part of an apprenticeship, Robin will help you make your dream come true.


Michel Maison

Experienced airplane and ULM pilot (paramotor, multi-axis and pendulum), Michel is an airplane instructor. Regularly present on the site, he will give you a warm welcome and conducive to learning and first flight.

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