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Fournier RF-6B technical information


Information du 10 aout 2021

La verrière du RF-6B qui avait connu un souci est aujourd'hui réparée. La réparation et le contrôle ont été validés par le mécanicien avion qui suit nos appareils. e RF-6B est donc de nouveau opérationnel.

F-GADE is a Franco-German two-seater single-engine aircraft. It is a school plane widely used in learning but also for tourist travel.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

This device is a side by side

TAS 175km / h at 2500tr / min

Originally from CFI (Club Fournier International).

Bought new in 1976 by CE Sagem Montluçon then sold to L'AVA in 2016

About 2h45 of flight (80 liters tank between engine and cabin consumption 22L / h

100LL engine 100hp O200

Fixed gear, fixed pitch propeller. 8.33 radio and mode S transponder

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